Hi! My name is Tate. I am flattered and honored that you are interested in my work. (and even more flattered that you're taking time to read about me!) I live in Southwest Michigan with my husband Trevor and our two boys. Trevor is a fruit farmer and the best husband I could have ever asked for. He survives my chaos even when I am six loads behind on laundry and a week overdue on grocery shopping. God Bless him. His family owns an orchard in Fennville and his extended family owns a Pie Pantry restaurant  just next door! To see all things fruit, pie and wine please visit

www.craneorchards.com and www.cranespiepantry.com 

Daxton is 3 years old and pretty much a blur of noise and dirt. He never stops moving, keeps us on our toes and constantly laughing. Arlo was born in June of this year. He loves his momma (totally not sorry), has the biggest blue eyes and has a giggle that melts your heart.

I would totally have 8 kids if my husband would let me.

I am a follower of Jesus and go to church in Hudsonville. I grew up working in greenhouses and the smell of a greenhouse is, in my opinion, the best form of therapy. Breakfast food is my absolute favorite and I would meet at Rainbow Grill in Hudsonville for brunch and coffee anytime!

My photography style is not perfect. I am a roll with the punches type of person and a lot of that flows into my work. My favorite images are the in between moments and details. I love chunky baby thighs and how kids just melt into their parents arms. I am not afraid of looking like a fool to get kids to smile. At the end of most sessions I am a bit winded and sweaty (sorry friends, it's true) I am a firm believer in always staying a student and trying new things. It is my hope that I am able to give my clients images that tell their story.

My favorite location my backyard! It's easy when it's an orchard ;)

My dream location is Joshua Tree National Park

Thanks so much for reading. I am truly glad you are here! You are the reason I am able to continue doing this thing that I love so much.

If you are interested in seeing a behind the scenes video of one of my family sessions

Click Here!


120 Blue Star Hwy Douglas, MI 49406