If there is something you're still curious about after reading these please feel free to email me and ask!

What is included in my investment?

Your investment includes the session time itself and a gallery of high resolution images delivered to you digitally. The time spent shooting and the number of images included are different for each package. I try to keep all my family sessions moving to keep the tiny ones engaged and entertained. You'd be surprised how little time it actually takes to get all the images we need ;)

Do you pick out the images we receive?

Yes I do. Honestly a lot of the images I am going through are doubles, out of focus, unflattering faces/angles or eyes are closed. You aren't missing much! I have gotten a pretty good flow down during each session to make sure I have exactly what I need to get you the package amount you've chosen :) 

Why do you limit the amount of images in a package?

Totally just out of fairness. I understand that this is a large investment for families and I want to make sure it is equal across the board. Before I limited my numbers I had some families getting 35 images and some getting 50+ for the same investment. I feel that for how much you are spending with me I wanted to make sure you felt you were getting treated the same as the rest. If I was hiring someone and found out I got half the amount of images as someone else who paid the same I would feel a little let down. I hope you understand! 

Will you travel to a location of our choice?

This year I made the decision to have a set list of locations to best serve my clients. These locations I know very well and therefore can devote my whole attention to your family instead of spending time finding the right lighting and the best backgrounds. I find that showing pictures of the location also helps you choose. Would you rent a hotel room without seeing pictures of it first? Probably not! I want to make this process as easy as possible for everyone.

Can we do an earlier session time?

This one is so hard for me because I totally know why people ask. I have three kids myself and I understand that getting too close to bedtime could go one of two ways. The reason I push my sessions later towards sunset is for the most flattering and golden light. This is especially important at the beach! My best advice is to try for a later nap and bribe your way through it haha I do play lots of games and keep the session as short as possible to get what we need without causing sadness among the littles.