From a small business owner, Thank you.

Being a business owner certainly has it's perks. I work from home so that my kids get to see their mom more and I get to pick and my schedule is flexible. I am doing something I have loved since before I can remember and meeting amazing people along the way. While the perks are wonderful, they also lead to the hardest thing that most self employed people face, balancing our workload and our home life. I spend a lot of hours during the day at my computer while my kids play in the background or I stay up late to get stuff done in the quiet while everyone else in my house sleeps. I don't get paid hourly so one session may only take me two hours the next session could take me four, all for the same money. It's like being on salary, but not knowing if that salary check will come next week. I am not at all trying to downplay how much I LOVE MY JOB, but just trying to educate on what my day to day looks like. When I hear stuff like "Looking for a reasonably priced photographer" it hurts my heart a little. I know it's not on purpose, but to know that wanting to provide for my family by making a living isn't "reasonable" is hurtful. As an artist I pour so much of myself into my work and I spend hours worrying about if you will like your photos or not. If I don't hear back from clients after their gallery is delivered I wonder what I did wrong or if they are upset about the final outcome. At the end of the month I sit down and go over all bills and taxes vs my income. Most months I barely make $8 an hour. Again, I would not trade what I do for a million years!! The people I have met over the years have turned into much more than just clients. Watching these children grow year to year is one of the coolest experiences and I truly hope each family enjoys their time with me. I don't take my job lightly as I know you will look back on these photos forever! Your grandkids and their kids will look at the photos as memories of their family before them and it is so humbling that my clients continue to choose me to provide those memories for them and understand that the investment they make with me is much more than monetary. You are investing in someone who is educated, professional and in the quality photographs that will be around for years to come.

So thank you. Thank you to all my clients over the years who saw something in my art. Thank you for allowing me to provide for my family in a way that I have always dreamed of. THANK YOU for being the reason I am able to have my very own studio to meet even more people and capture the newest members of their families. This job is how I buy groceries, diapers, clothes, birthday and Christmas presents. By choosing a small business owner you are doing so much more than you think. This year we are able to take our boys on a trip for Christmas and create memories of our own and that is all because of the clients I have had this year. All my repeat clients will always receive $50 off their sessions as a huge THANK YOU for choosing me year after year to document the growth and changes in your family. My family and I could not be more grateful and I am so excited to see what 2020 has in store! I am now booking Newborns through June and families can book anytime! <3

Daxton and Arlo especially happy their mommy is home to play with them!

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