Hi, my name is tate.

I am a photographer, Farmer's wife and momma of three littles(and two lazy dogs) A huge bonus in my line of work is having young, crazy kids. Nothing your kids do during your session will surprise me and I've learned some tricks along the way in my own parenting that helps the session move along.

I have been photographing families since 2016 and newborns since 2018. Which seems crazy to say! Time flies. My studio is located in Fennville on my husbands family farm which is the backdrop for a solid 75% of all the photos you see.

My Gear

I keep things simple! I have a Canon R6 and a Canon 50mm 1.2 lens. There are a ton of photographers that shoot with multiple lenses and they all have their purposes for sure. I just have found I am a simple gal and this works for me.

My Dream Location

Anything with mountains. I know that I am spoiled with Lake Michigan so close and the orchard, but we all want what we don't have right? Forever dreaming of Montana.

Fun fact about me

I have two "sets" of siblings. I have two bio sisters that are just a few years younger than me and then I have two adopted siblings that are closer in age to my kiddos (Which we think is pretty cool) I have a sister from Ghana and a brother from China. I spent a few months in Ghana during my sisters adoption process!

My Hubby

My husband's name is Trevor and he is the 6th generation to work his family farm. His hard work and love for what he does is evident everywhere you look on the Orchard. If you're in the area during harvest you should check it out!